Wrench It Forward is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit aimed to move people out of poverty and homelessness by providing low cost car repair for households with limited means.

On June 1st, 2018, Wrench It Forward opened our doors to the public. In just over one year of service, we have seen over 100 repairs completed and saved the community an estimated $21,000 through maintenance and repairs, diagnostics, and car parts. The pressing need for a low-cost auto repair center in Lubbock, Texas, was evident. WIF was established to alleviate that need. Many people struggle without a reliable transportation option. Simple tasks such as going grocery shopping, getting to and from work, and dropping kids off at school are made difficult and sometimes impossible without a dependable vehicle. If one is unable to make it to their job in a timely manner due to an unreliable car, they often lose money from their paycheck or lose their employment altogether, which can lead to homelessness.

Wrench It Forward is proud to serve the South Plains community by providing low-cost auto repair and trustworthy transportation to households with limited means. We work not only for the safety of those on the local roads, but also for the benefit of those in our community.

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Wrench It Forward depends on your charitable donations to support our mission of assisting individuals and families with low incomes in Lubbock and its surrounding areas. Your contribution makes it possible for us to serve individuals, families, students, senior citizens, and veterans affected by poverty in our community.